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My journey as an electronic engineer began in my grandfather's workshop. A master watchmaker, he dutifully maintained wearable works of art using years of experience as a apprenticeFascinated by these fragile engineering marvels on micro-scale i was in love with personal devices which in my grandfather's time were pocket watches. As I grew older and my grandfather retired my attentions turned towards Television and electronics gadgets. I graduated from university with a 1st in electronic engineering and went into the industry. It was only when i decided to start my own business in device repair where i rekindled my passion for personal engineering. Fixing devices people's loved personal devices as much about as i cared. technical know-how remains unmatched


I learned troubleshooting and practical skills servicing for a big 3 company. Troubleshooting and engineering techniques on enterprise grade hardware wehere downtime costs thousands per minute- taught me reliable simple fixes are the best kind. /Together can repair any kind of fault, diagnose any conflicts and manage long term support.


Model Aircraft enthusiast from the early days of DIY RC scale modelling my work has involved radios, tiny motors and precision soldering with microscopes.

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